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I’ll tell you about my family. In my family, there’s my father, my mother… Myself and two older sisters… My father was born in the United States in Detroit, Michigan, and then when he graduated f rom high school he entered the navy. And the navy stationed him in Scotland.And he worked on a submarine in Scotland. And when he was in this, uh, little town in Scotland, he met a young woman, who, would be my mother. And so my father, whose name is Carl, married my mother, whose name is Helen. And they moved back to the United States.

When they were in the United States they, had a daughter and her name is Julie. And then they had another daughter, and her name is Denise. And then, my parents and their two daughters moved back to England, and that’s where I was born. However, at the time, I was almost born, in the Netherlands, but my parents decided to, make sure that they got back to England while the­ while they were staying in the Netherlands for that short period of time.

So I was English, and then, around the time I was three, we moved back to the United States. And we’ve lived more or less in this one area for, twenty-two years. And so my father has worked as a salesman for a company which makes, memories for very powerful computers for, eh, for computers in business and the government. And my mother has stayed at home and raised a family. And one, of my sisters was working in law. However, now she has four children and so she’s very busy raising four children.

Her husband, travels every week for four days to, um, Arizona as well as Ohio. And, my other sister, her husband is currently living in London, but, um, she’s been working at a company and she’s been leading people on trips to Mongolia. And but she will be going back to London and perhaps staying with this business, I don’t know. And uh, I haven’t had one steady job for a long time. But I’ve done some traveling, in America and now I’m back here with my parents and near my two sisters. So we have a Scottish person, uh, three Americans and a English and, Scottish person in the family.»


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You have falied!

#1. 1.Why did the speaker’s father go to Scotland?

#2. How many children did the speaker’s parents have before they moved back to the UK?

#3. What does the speaker’s mother do?

#4. Who does the speaker Iive with?