New Friend at University


Transcripción del audio

A: «»Hi. What’s your name?»»»
B: «»My name is Jung Min. What’s your name?»»

A: «»My name is Jessica. It’s nice to meet you.»»

B: «»Yes. It’s nice to meet you too. Are you a new student too?»»»
A: «»No. I’m a sophomore. I take it you are a new student?»»»
B: «»Yeah. It’s pretty exciting to be here.»»»
A: «»Have fun while it lasts. The excitement wears off real quick. Especially after you see how much homework you get. Where are you from?»»»
B: «»I’m from Korea. My parents wanted me to go to an American university, so I came here.»»

A: «»I have never been to Korea. I’ve been to Japan before, but never Korea.»»»
B: «»Why were you in Japan?»»»
A: «»My father thought it would be a good expe­rience to take a vacation to a different country. He’s so into learning about different cultures.»»

B: «»That’s pretty cool.»»»
A: «»I thought it would have been more fun if I went without my parents.»»»
B:»»Well, if you ever want to visit Korea, I would be happy to show you around.»»»
A: «»Thanks for the offer. I’ll keep that in mind. Oh, the professor is coming. We’ll talk more after class.»»»
B: «»Ok.»»»


Very Well!

You have falied!

#1. Where is the conversation taking place?

#2. What grade is Jessica in?

#3. Where is the new student from?

#4. Why did Jessica go to Japan?