Family Reunion


ROBERT: Mom, are was having a big party tonight?
MOM: Yes, Robert. All of our relatives are coming. Did you forget?
ROBERT: Oh yeah. It’s our annual family reunion.
MOM: How could you forget? We have a big party every year. This year it Is at our house.
ROBERT: I remember it was at Uncle Walter’s house last year. That was fun.
MOM:  Do you need any help?
ROBERT: Yes. Could you please go to l he store and buy some ice?
MOM: I made some lemonade and I want to keep it cold during the party.
ROBERT: That’s a good Idea. It’s going to be hot today.
MOM: I hope the food slays fresh.
ROBERT: I’m sureIt will be fine. What are you making?
MOM: It’s going to be a potluck. I am serving barbeque ribs and potatoes.
ROBERT: Do you know what other people are bringing.
MOM: I think some people are going to bring salads, appetizers. and desserts.
ROBERT: Sounds like a feast.
MOM: I think everyone Is coming, except Aunt Linda. She’s feeling sick today.
ROBERT: ‘That’s too bad. She is my favorite aunt.
MOM: I know .She’s my favorite sister.
ROBERT: I can’t wait to see all of my cousins.
MOM: They’re excited to see you too. But right now, please go buy some Ice.



#1. Whatis Robert’s mom planning tonight?

#2. What does she want Robert to do?

#3. What is Robert’s mom cooking?

#4. Whois not able to come?