Teaching English

Transcripción del audio

Hello, my name is Stephanie. I teach English as a second language. In t he United States we call that E-S-L. I’ve been teaching E-S-L for four years. I started when I started college. I used to teach on Thursdays and Fridays for, an hour and half every night.

Most of my students are from Guatemala, and Mexico. Although I’ve also had students from Czechoslovakia and Poland. I really enjoy teaching English because it lets me meet people from other countries, and it’s very nice to see, how the students progress.

I really like it when, I spend a lot of time trying to teach someone something, and they finally learn it. It’s very exciting.


#1. How long has the speaker been teaching ESL?

#2. Why does the speaker like teaching ESL?

#3. What does ESL mean?

#4. What is this talk about?