Being a Vegetarian

Transcripción del audio

I’ve been a vegetarian, since the age of twelve. My family all decided to, change together, which I think is quite unusual. It’s my brother that suggested it. And we all quite happily converted. And I’m the only one at the moment who stayed a vegetarian.

My personal reasons for being a vegetarian, is I think we should respect animals. And, and I’m happy not to eat them. I try not to wear leather, if possible. But at the moment I wear leather shoes. I think it’s so difficult to find, shoes that aren’t, leather or suede. I’ve recently started eat ing fish t hough. I’ve just uh, changed my mind on fish. But, uh, sometimes I feel a little bit guilty.

I think really need to find a comfortable level of, uh, animal rights, and, you know, what what feels natural for you. Vegetarian meals are so much easier, to find in restaurants and pubs now. And it’s becoming more popular. So it is easier to be a vegetarian, I think, than it was ten years ago. And I love cooking, so it really isn’t a problem for me now. So that’s that’s why I’m vegetarian.


Very Well!

You have failed!

#1. According to the speaker, why was her transition to» vegetarianism unusual?

#2. Why is the speaker a vegetarian?

#3. What does the speaker try to avoid when possible?

#4. According to the speaker, why is it easier for her to be» vegetarian now?