Movie Plans

Transcripción del audio

Todd: Hey, Akane, I was thinking, why don’t we get everyone together tonight and rent a movie.
Akane: Sounds like a good idea.
Todd: So, I’ll run down to the video store. I was thinking, because Star Wars is coming out, why don’t we get the previous Star Wars, Episode II, and watch that.
Akane: Oh, man. I really don’t want to watch that again.
Todd: What! Come on it’s Star Wars.
Akane: Well, I watched Episode II before and I really didn’t like it.
Todd: Really!
Akane: Yeah!
Todd: Oh, I thought it was great. I mean I know the critics were really rough, but it had great action, cool characters.»
Akane: Well, actually, I thought it was very commercial.
Todd: Oh, really!»
Akane: Yeah, and the whole thing was really mushy, and there were also some annoying characters.»
Todd: Yeah, well, maybe, but, I just like all Star Wars, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as there’s storm troopers, and light sabers, I’m happy.»
Akane: OK, so you’re a big Star Wars fan.»
Todd: Huge. But that’s OK. I’ll get that movie another time. Um, how about you suggest a movie. What would you like to see?»
Akane: Um, I really like romantic comedies, especially Meg Ryan movies
Todd: Oh, no!»
Akane: Yeah!
Todd: I can’t stand her.
Akane: What! What’s wrong with her?
Todd: She’s terrible. Every movie she has the perfect life, and she has, she looks so cute, but she can’t find love. It’s like, come on, people like that have a perfect job and look cute and beautiful like Meg Ryan do not have trouble finding love.
Akane: But she’s so cute and funny to watch. I just really enjoy watching her.
Todd: I don’t know. I just can’t do it. You know though, I liked Meg Ryan in that movie she’s made about, she went to the Gulf War, or whatever, and she was a helicopter pilot.»
Akane: Oh, yeah, yeah! I remember that one. I forget what it was called though.
Todd: Yeah, yeah, she was OK in t hat but she wasn’t t hat cutesy romance.
Akane: That’s true. She was a different character than usual.
Todd: Yeah, so we can’t see a Meg Ryan movie, and we can’t see Star Wars, so what else?»
Akane: Ah, I don’t know. What about a comedy that will make us really laugh.
Todd: OK, um, let’s see. We could see Shrek.»
Akane: Oh, I love Shrek.»
Todd: Ok, yeah, yeah, yeah. Actually, I haven’t seen Shrek 2. Have you seen Shrek 2?
Akane: Ah, no, I haven’t actually.»
Todd: Perfect. Shrek 2.
Akane: Great! We’ll get that.
Todd: OK. I’ll run down and pick it up.
Akane: Thanks.


#1. Todd thought Star Wars Episode II had great ________.

#2. Akane thought some of the characters in that movie were __________.

#3. Todd disliked Meg Ryan except the movie where ________.

#4. Akane then suggests watching a ____________.