Concert tickets


Transcripción del audio

«STEPHANIE: «»Hi Stacy.This is Stephanie. Guess what I just got.•»
«STACY : «»What ?»»»
«STEPHANIE: «»Two tickets to the concert tonight!»»»
«STACY : «»How did you get those? The concert has been sold out for months .»»»
«STEPHANIE: «»My dad works at the arena. He was able to get front row seats.»»»
«STACY : «»Are you serious?»»»
«STEPHANIE: «»Yes! Do you want to go?»»»
«STACY : «»Yes! I need to ask my mom, but I’m sure I can go.·»
«STEPHANIE: «»Ok.My dad can pick you up.We’re going to leave at 4 pm.·»
«STACY : «»What time does the concert start?»»»
«STEPHANIE: «»7 pm.»»»
«STACY : «»Why are we leaving so early? «»»
«STEPHANIE: «»We want to have dinner first.»»»
«STACY : «»Ok. I’ll let my mom know.·»
«STEPHANIE: ‘I’m so excited!»»»
«STACY : «»Me toolThank you so much for inviting me.»»»
«STEPHANIE: «»Of course I would invite you.You’re my best friend.•»


#1. Where is Stephanie going tonight?

#2. Who did Stephanie invite?

#3. Where are their seats?

#4. How did she get these tickets?