Sister’s Baby


JENNIFER: Hi Susie. Where are you going? Are you taking a trip?
SUSIE: Yeah, I’m going to Chicago. My sister just had a baby. I’m going to be helping her for a couple of weeks.
JENNIFER: That’s so nice of you. Did she have a boy or a girl?
SUSIE: A girl. Her name is Rose.
JENNIFER: What a beautiful name!
SUSIE: Yeah. She is named after our grandmother.
JENNIFER: My daughter is also named after my grandmother. Her name is Marie.
SUSIE: That’s also a beautiful name.
JENNIFER: Thanks. Is this your sister’s first child?
SUSIE: Yeah. This is my first niece too. She’s also the first grandchild in the family.
JENNIFER: How special!
SUSIE: I know. My mother is so excited. She’s only ives a few blocks away from my sister. So, she will be
helping a lot too.
JENNIFER: That’s wonderful. It’s nice to have a lot of help with your first child.
SUSIE: Yeah. I agree. Well, I better go now. I have to be at the airport by 1pm.
JENNIFER: Ok. See you in two weeks.



#1. Where is Susie going?

#2. What is Susie’s niece’s name?

#3. Who was she named after?

#4. Where does Susie have to be by 1 pm?