Fixing the car


JOHN: Hey Sam. You’re home? Where’s your car?
SAM: Oh hey John. It’s in the auto shop.
JOHN: Again? What’s wrong with it this time?
SAM: I’m not sure. It’s making a lot of strange noises.
JOHN: That’s weird. It ‘s not even an old car.
SAM: I know. I’ve only had it for three years. My mechanic doesn’t know what the problem is.
JOHN: He doesn’t know? What is he doing then?
SAM: Trying all different things. I’m getting tired of waiting for him to fix it.
JOHN: You should take it to another mechanic.
SAM: I should, but I already paid him. He just keeps saying he will fix it.
JOHN: He doesn’t sound very trustworthy.
SAM: I know. I should’ve gone somewhere else. But he was so cheap. He was the cheapest I could find.
JOHN: Maybe too cheap isn’t always better.
SAM: I’m learning that now.
JOHN: You should demand a refund.
SAM: I wish I could, but it’s a little complicated.
JOHN: Why is it complicated?
SAM: The mechanic is my brother-in-law.


#1. What is wrong with Sam’s car?

#2. Why did Sam choose this mechanic?

#3. How long has Sam had his car?

#4. Who is Sam’s mechanic?