Sick Child


SUE: Hello?
LINDA: Hi Sue. This Is Linda.Are you free for lunch today?
SUE: No, David Is sick today.He couldn’t go to school.
LINDA: That’s terrible.IS na cold?
SUE: Yeah, I think so. He has a could hand a sore throat
LINDA: My son, Billy, was sick last week too.He missed four days of school
SUE: Wow! I hope DavidIsn’t sick that long.
LINDA: There’s a virus going around. We need 10 stay healthy too.
SUE: I know. I’ve been taking extra Vitamin C to stay healthy.
LINDA: Good I deal I think I’ll buy some today. Do you need anything at the store?
SUE: Actually, I do I couldn’t go to the store because I didn’t want to leave David alone.
LINDA: I understand. What do you need?
SUE: Could you please buy me whole chicken? I want to make David some chicken soup.
LINDA: That’s a great Idea! I’ll drop it off on my way home.
SUE: Thank you so much!I will pay you back when you drop off the chicken.
LINDA: Ok! I’m going to go to the store alter lunch. I will be at your house around 2 pm.
SUE: Great! See you then. Don’t forget to buy Vitamin C!



#1. Who is sick today?

#2. How long was Billy out of school?

#3. What is Sue doing to stay healthy?

#4. What is Linda buying at the market?