Mexican Food


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Rebecca: So, Diego, I hear that Mexico has some really great food and that you love to cook. What’s your favorite food in Mexico?
Diego: My favorite food in Mexico is chiles en nogada. Chiles means pepper and this is a very traditional Mexican dish because our flag is green, white and red, so this plate, the peppers are green, and then it has a white sauce on top of it and then it has a grain sort of fruit. It’s a red fruit and it’s representing our flag so it’s very …It’s a very historical plate in Mexico. It’s very
Rebecca: Oh, wow. I don’t think we have anything like that in Australia. It’d be hard to get something that you’d eat that’s blue and red and white.
Diego: Blue and red.
Rebecca: Yeah. Maybe fish.
Diego: Fish with strawberries.
Rebecca: I don’t think that would work.
Diego: Yeah.
Rebecca: So what about tacos? Do you eat them a lot?
Diego: Yeah, we eat them a lot. Tacos is like»
Mexican fast food, so there’s a lot of tacos stands in Mexico, and you can have them in all sorts of ways: with cheese, with onions, with meat, with different sauces, like green sauce, hot sauce, red sauce. Yeah.
Rebecca: Do the tortillas… do they stand up or are they round ones that always fall over when you go to eat them?
Diego: They’re t he round ones and they’re also soft so they’re not corn chips.
Rebecca: Like the ones we get.
Diego: Yes.
Rebecca: Not true Mexican.


Very Well!

You have failed!

#1. How does he describe chiIes en nogada?

#2. What does Diego recommend for Australia?

#3. What does Diego say about tacos?

#4. What type of tortillas does he eat?