Sarah’s Likes and Dislikes

Transcripción del audio

Okay here are… Some things that i… Some things t hat I like. I like to try new things and learn new things. And some of my favorite ways of doing that, are to, uh, taste new foods and, um, read books and hear ideas that I’ve never heard before.

And I also, uh like learning about new ideas by talking to new people. I, I really like talking to strangers. And, I can also learn a lot by traveling. Um… And I guess listening to new music, especially when someone I know plays for me, their favorite music.

And we can talk about it to get her. Okay here’s some things t hat I don’t like. I don’t like it when people are mean, and inconsiderate of other people and they just do, nasty things that they don’t need to do.

I don’t like it when people waste things, and, throw away things they didn’t  they could’ve just reuse them or find some other way. Um… I don’t like it when I see a dead animal by the side of the road. And … I don’t like pistachio ice cream.


#1. Why does the speaker talk to strangers?

#2. What does the speaker like to do when someone plays music for her?

#3. What sort of people does the speaker dislike?

#4. What Is the purpose of this talk?