Relaxing in Rainy Days

Transcripción del audio

«A: «»The weather is terrible.»»»
«B: «»Yeah. It’s been raining a lot these days.»»»
«A: «»I have been watching a lot of videos at home because of the constant rain.»»»
«B: «»Have you heard when it’s supposed to get better?»»»
«A: «»I saw the weather report, and it’s going to rain for the next eight days.»»»
«B: «»That sucks so much. What are we going to do?»»»
«A: «»I’m getting pretty bored. We should do something despite the rain.»»»
«B: «»I’m with you. What do you have in mind?»»»
«A: «»I haven’t been to the Mall in a long time. Let’s go there.»»»
«B: «»That sounds good. They have a movie theatre there, so if we get bored, we can watch a movie.»»»
«A: «»Great. I’ll stop by your place now.»»»
«B: «»Ok. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella. The rain can start up again anytime.»»»


#1. What topic are they talking about?

#2. If they get bored at the mall, what will they do?

#3. What word Is used to describe the weather?

#4. What was mentioned in the weather report?