Horror Movies


Ruth: So Akane, is there anything that you’re frightened of?
Akane: Well … I’m, I’m really scared of horror movies. I never watch them, cuz they really really frighten me.
Ruth: Horror movies wow. Have your ever seen a horror movie?
Akane: Well, um, when I was little I used to watch them with my friends, because, back in the 80’s, horror movies used to be really popular. Like ah »Jason’ , and »Freddy Cruger». (Oh yeah) and things like that yeah. But ah, they used to keep me up at night and I couldn’t sleep.
Ruth: Yeah, my friend actually had a »Freddy Cruger» poster. It used to frighten me.
Akane: Did she?
Ruth: Yeah, it wasn’t my favorite. So, ah, what don’t you like about horror movies?
Akane: Well, um, I think, I think uh, I don’t know, I think it’s the psychological aspect of it. They just really make me feel scared.
Ruth: Ah, heh.. What was the last horror movie that you watched?
Akane: Um, the last one I watched was, I think it was the »Blair Witch Project»
Ruth: Oh I know that film, yeah
Akane: The first one, I saw it in the theatre with my friend. And I couldn’t sleep properly for a week after that.
Ruth: Oh no!
Akane: Yeah, I mean, I know it’s stupid. A lot of people think it’s a pretty stupid movie. Um, but I think it was just ,just the psychological aspect of it that really made me feel scared. And uh, I think, with that movie, after people saw it, they weren’t really sure whether it was real or not.
Ruth: Oh yeah.
Akane: And so there was that element as, as well.
Ruth: Was that t he same film that I’m thinking of. The one where they filmed people in a forest, is that right?
Akane: Yeah, that’s right. It was in a forest. And the whole thing was done with a camcorder. A hand held camcorder. And so, it was, a lot of it was, I think, black and white. I can’t remember. And uh, and the camera was very shaky, and…
Ruth: So it wasn’t professionally filmed?
Akane: Um, I guess it didn’t look like it was.
Ruth: Right.
Akane: Yeah, I heard that the movie actually only took um, It didn’t take a lot of money to film it. But it, it made a lot of money.»
Ruth: Yeah, I can believe that actually, I can believe that. Well, thanks for that.»



#1. After watch ing a horror movie, Akane…

#2. Ruth’s friend had a poster of……

#3. Akane says the………..makes her scared.

#4. The last horror movie Akane saw was…..

#5. That movie was filmed in…..