JOAN: Why do you look so happy, Carol?
CAROL: I was just on the phone with my daughter. She is having a baby.
JOAN: How exciting!
CAROL: This will be our first grandchild.
JOAN: Is the baby a boy or a girl?
CAROL: She doesn’t know yet. She is only three months pregnant.
JOAN: Three months? So, the baby is due in June?
CAROL: Yes. I’m going to be a grandmother in June. How many grandchildren do you have, Joan?
JOAN: I have three. Two grandsons and one granddaughter.
CAROL: Yes, I remember now. They visit you often.
JOAN: Yes, they do. I love when they visit.
CAROL: I’m so excited. I’m going to go shopping to buy my grandchild some clothes.
JOAN: But the baby hasn’t been born yet.
CAROL: I know. But I love looking at baby clothes. Do you want to go with me?
JOAN: Sure. Maybe I’ll get something for my grandkids too. Let me grab my purse.


#1. Who was Carol talking to on the phone?

#2. What is Carol going to be in June?

#3. How many grandchildren does Joan have?

#4. What are Carol and Joan going to do?