Psichology Student


A: Hey Mike. I forgot about registration. I’m a day late, so all the classes are mostly full. What do you think I should do?
B: You’re screwed. You can’t do anything about that. You have to hope that you get some classes that will be useful.
A: Do you think going to the registration building will help at all.
B: No. They will tell you the same thing in a worse way.
A: Did you register yet?
B: Of course. Registering for classes is not something you want to miss.
A: What classes do you think are still open?
B: Well, I know psychology 101 is a big class, so there will always be seats in that class. You can also get into Sociology.
A: That’s helpful. Thanks. But what do you think about philosophy. I wanted to take that class this semester.
B: I took that class last year. The professor is really cool, so if you go to his office, you can have him sign a card that will let you in even if the class is full.
A: He does that?
B: I guess that’s because so many people drop out of that class.
A: That makes sense. I think I’ll do that. Thanks for all the help.
B: No problem man.



#1. Mike forgot to register for classes. What is the consequence of missing your registration day?

#2. Why will psychology 101 be available to take?

#3. What recommendation is given if a class is already full?

#4. Why does the professor accept more students than the class allows?