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Phone Numbers


Ethan: Hey, Emily. I think I left my grammar book in the class today. I think one of the students took it. Uh, do you have some of their phone numbers?
Emily: Yeah. Urn, who do you want to call?
Ethan: Well, Brittany was sitting next to me, so I’ll call her first. What is her number?
Emily: Hm, um. Hang on a minute. [ Okay. ] Oh, here it is. It’s, urn, eight eight-seven-zero zero-zero-one-nine (870-0019).
Ethan: . . . okay, zero-zero-one-nine (0019). Got it. I’ll call her first. And, uh, what about James?
Emily: Yeah. Urn, okay. It’s six-one-four one-four-eight-zero (614-1480).
Ethan: Okay, six-one-four fourteen eighteen (614-1418), right?
Emily: No, it’s fourteen eighty (1480).
Ethan: Oh, okay. And, um, yeah, um, uh . .. What’s her name? You know, the girl, urn . . . You know.
Emily. Which one? [Embarrashed laugh . . . ] Emily. You mean Audrey? The girl you really like?
Ethan: What?
Emily. I can tell you like her.
Ethan: Come on. Are you kidding? No, no. I mean, we’re like brother and sister.
Emily: Ah, yeah, right, right. Well, uh, if you want, here’s your SISTER’s phone number. It’s five-five-eight six-zero-one-six (558-6016).
Ethan: Yeah, six-zero-one-zero (6010). Got it. Bye. Emily: No. Ethan: What? Emily: Six-zero-one-six (6016). Ethan: Six-zero-one-six (6016).
Emily: Alright. I hope your sister’s not mad that you called.
Ethan: No problem.
Emily: Bye.
Ethan: Bye.


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