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Do you Play Music?


Shirley: So Josh, I know that you like to play the guitar.
Josh: Yeah.
Shirley: What kind of music do you like?
Josh: Mostly, I play rock but sometimes, I play pop music as well.
Shirley: Cool. So who is an artist that you like?
Josh: My favorite artist at the moment is Jason Mraz.
Shirley: Okay. Where does he come from?
Josh: He comes from the States, the US. He plays guitar and sings at the same time.
Shirley: Nice. So you like to sing, too.
Josh: Yeah, I like to sing, too.
Shirley: Cool. Okay, do you play any other instruments?
Josh: I do. I play the piano as well.
Shirley: Wow. You are really very talented.
Josh: Thank vou.
Shirley: So when you play piano, do you like to sing as well?
Josh: I don’t usually sing when I play piano because I’m not as good at the piano.
Shirley: Oh, I see. So like guitar better than piano or you’re better at it?
Josh: I’m better at guitar.
Shirley: Okay. Do you have a band?
Josh: I don’t have a band, but I hope someday, I will.
Shirley: Hmm, a rock band?
Josh: Maybe.
Shirley: Do you have a name for your rock band?
Josh: No, I haven’t really picked one up yet.
Shirley: What about Josh and the Jammers?
Josh: That sounds okay, but it’s a little long.
Shirley: Yeah. JJ’s Jammers.
Josh: That’s a little better.
Shirley: Yes. In Australia, that sounds like pajamas.


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