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Airport Arrival


Man: Hey. Don’t worry. Uh, my brother will meet you at the airport. Sorry, but I have to work that day.
Woman: So, you can’t come to get me?
Man: No, uh, sorry.
Woman: Uh, well, um, what does your brother look like?
Man: Well, he’s fairly tall, he has short light brown hair, and he’s pretty thin. He’s certainly not a body builder or pro wrestler.
Woman: Okay. Um, what else?
Man: Oh, and he usually wears a white baseball cap with crazy looking red shoes. I mean, you can’t miss him.
Woman: Alright. So, I’m looking for some tall crazy looking guy with wild red shoes who’s ready to play baseball?
Man: Exactly.
Woman: And what’s his name?
Man: Well, uh, Mike, Michael. He goes by either one.
Woman: Alright.
Man: Alright. Bye.
Woman: (I) Hope he shows up?
Man: Okay, now, I’ll call him.
Woman: Alright, bye.
Man: Bye.


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